Initial, individualized natural family planning session ($100):
In this 60-minute visit, learn to use natural family planning to avoid pregnancy, achieve pregnancy, or to monitor your health. Dr. Emily will walk you through her ReNU process so you can Recognize your body's natural signs of fertility, Note (track) those signs, and then Use that information for your family planning and health goals. It is recommended to take the Online Introduction to the Marquette Method class first (see RESOURCES tab)

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Comprehensive medication/supplement review ($175):
In this 60-minute visit, meet with Dr. Emily, the pharmacist who works for you. She will review your entire medication/supplement regimen, assess for any interactions or side effects, and make recommendations you can bring to your doctor or other health practitioner. Dr. Emily will help you know the questions to ask and how to talk to your healthcare team so you are an advocate for your own health. This service is ONLY available to those who live in MN.

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15-min phone or video call (FREE)
Unsure if working with Dr. Emily is right for you? Wondering if Dr. Emily is the right fit for you? Do you have questions about natural family planning or having a comprehensive medication review? Book a free call so Dr. Emily can answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to feel confident about working with her.

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