FREE virtual "Know Your Body with Natural Family Planning" workshop once monthly

Online Introduction to the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning classes three times per month ($40)

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Wellness consultation ($150):
ReNU yourself by honoring your body's natural functioning through learning natural family planning to avoid pregnancy, achieve pregnancy, or to monitor your health. Dr. Emily will walk you through her ReNU process so you can Recognize your body's natural signs of fertility, Note (track) those signs, and then Use that information for your family planning and health goals. The full wellness consultation includes a health history and basic lab testing to assess your overall hormone health. If you are interested in NFP/cycle tracking only, then email Dr. Emily at to discuss a discount code for this type of visit.

Medication optimization / disease state management consultation ($150):
Give yourself a ReDU and a ReSeT. Dr. Emily will take the time to listen to you as you Recall your symptoms, Discover the root cause, and Unleash the power of your own body. ReDU your health strategy by getting to the root cause of your symptoms through a comprehensive health review, and rid yourself of any unneeded medications by meeting with a doctor of pharmacy. Together, you and Dr. Emily will Review your ENTIRE regimen, Select changes to make, and Take the recommendations back to your provider. Give yourself a ReSeT and get to your optimal state of health.