The "Wholly a Woman" Podcast

Welcome to the “Wholly a Woman” podcast, hosted by Dr. Emily, the NFP Pharmacist. Listen to learn more about how your beautiful body works and find encouragement and inspiration to celebrate your whole womanhood.

The “Wholly a Woman” podcast is here to support and encourage other women who, like me, want to be their authentic, natural, whole selves

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Episode 34: Resolving the Touch Crisis - featuring Dawn Bennett, author of “The Touch Crisis”

Episode 33: How I am taking care of myself during an intense period of grief - including simplifying my NFP pharmacist business

Episode 32: Be the Wholly Woman you are - mind, body and spirit - featuring Tonie Restrepo, personal trainer and leader of Wholly Nation

Episode 31: What Should Pharmacists and Other Healthcare Professionals Know About Natural Family Planning? What to Tell Patients. Get your list of resources here.

Episode 30: Stay Whole - featuring Sunjay Vyas, health coach and personal trainer at Stay Whole

Episode 29 - Maintaining an engagement growth mindset. Get your list of tools and resources here

Episode 28 - Restoring a Culture of Women's Health - featuring Anna Saucier, speaker and business mentor for restorative reproductive health professionals

Episode 27 - What is the Creighton Method of NFP - featuring Karen Schultz, FertilityCare practitioner

Episode 26 - Caring for and Loving the Mind God Gave You - My Mental Health Story

Episode 25 - Get Out of Your Own Way - featuring Lisa Smithen, UnCaged Phoenix Academy

Episode 24 - Can Natural Family Planning Help Me Get OFF Birth Control? - Hear Dr. Emily’s Interview on the Rawfork Podcast

Episode 23 - Be Curious About and Accept Yourself - with Jigyasa Takkar

Episode 22 - Thrive with a Functional Medicine Approach to Health - featuring Dr. Melody Hartzler

Episode 21 - Natural family planning and the impact on marriage - ft. Ben Kirkwold

Episode 20 - How Do I Choose a NFP method?

Episode 19 - Be and Love Your Individual Self with Dr. Marina Buskov

Episode 18 - What is Cervical Mucus? What Information Can it Tell Me?

Episode 17 - Paying Attention to Your Body as a Key to Optimal Health with Health Coach CC Clark

Episode 16 - Self-Care to Reduce Stress and Balance Hormones with Dr. Heather Rhodes

Episode 15 - To my Black Female Role Model: Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

Episode 14 - How to Use the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning

Episode 13 - Facts about Hormonal Contraceptives (how birth control works)

Episode 12 - Giving You Options with the Marquette Method

Episode 11 - Natural Family Planning Fun Facts

Episode 10 - Functional Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Episode 9 - Being Wholly Yourself - Knowing Your Value and Your Values

Episode 8 - Working With Your Body to Manage Stress with Terra Sorg, Stress Management Consultant

Episode 7 - Connecting to Yourself through Yoga with Amy Bizal

Episode 6 - Supporting Hormone Health with Lifestyle

Episode 5: Our Menstrual Cycles are a Sign of Health

Episode 4: Why Natural Family Planning Matters to me - My Story

Episode 3: My COVID-19 Experience and CDC Basics

Episode 2: Your Natural Fertility Signs

Episode 1: What is Natural Family Planning?

Wholly a Woman