Regular Cycles Options

Options for learning the Marquette Method in regular (non-postpartum) cycles

If you are NEW to the Marquette Method: begin with New course

If you previously received instruction in the Marquette Method and are looking for further instruction in cycle 7 or later: begin with Follow-up course

Add-ons to either option:
-Long/irregular cycles: for women with long cycles (~40 days or more) and/or PCOS – includes information on PCOS and additional instructions
-Perimenopause: includes information on perimenopause and additional instructions
-Breastfeeding postpartum post-period: for women who are brand new to the Marquette Method AND are having periods after having a baby AND are breastfeeding: only applies to first 4 periods after period returns

New Regular Cycles Instruction
$150 for 1 Year
Follow-Up Regular Cycles Instruction
$75 for 1 Year
New + Follow-Up Regular Cycles
$200 for 1 Year
Save $ when you bundle
ADD-ON: perimenopause
$50 for 1 Year
ADD-ON: long or irregular cycles, PCOS
$50 for 1 Year
ADD-ON: Breastfeeding instruction AFTER your 1st postpartum period
$25 for 1 Year