What if...

You knew ALL your options (including natural ones)?

What if...


You got OFF the medications you don’t need (even birth control)?

Meet Dr. Emily, a different kind of pharmacist:

I am a pharmacist who works for YOU (and not for your doctor or a pharmacy). You deserve to make truly informed choices. You should only be taking medications that are needed, safe, and effective. If you desire to understand ALL your options and choose what’s best for YOU, then a visit with Dr. Emily may be just what you are looking for!

Maybe you’re looking for information on natural family planning or hormone health. Maybe you want someone to sit down and review everything you’re taking (prescriptions, OTC meds, vitamins, supplements, etc.). Maybe you just want someone to spend time listening to you and your health concerns. Dr. Emily, the natural family planning pharmacist, will take care of you so you can care for and love the body God gave you.

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