Your body contains all the information you need - natural family planning helps you use it to achieve your goals

You deserve to know the information your body is telling you about your cycles. You deserve to know exactly when in your cycle you can get pregnant, whether you're using that information for health or family planning. You CAN avoid pregnancy effectively and naturally. Dr. Emily, the natural family planning pharmacist is here for you.

What if...

You knew ALL your options (including natural ones)?

What if...
You got OFF the medications you don't need (even birth control)?


Meet Dr. Emily, the pharmacist and natural family planning educator who works for YOU

You deserve to make truly informed choices. You should only be taking medications that are needed, safe, and effective. If you desire to understand ALL your options and choose what’s best for YOU, then a visit with Dr. Emily is just what you are looking for!

I’ve been there struggling with unease taking birth control. I know what it feels like to have something wrong and be told “we don’t know why” but “you’re fine.” I know how frustrating it is when your provider doesn’t listen to you or doesn’t even want to consider a natural option.

You deserve to be wholly the woman God made you to be. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Emily, the natural family planning pharmacist, today.

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Feel the freedom that comes from working WITH your body:

1) Schedule an appointment with Dr. Emily - Dr. Emily will be notified of your interest and will send you a calendar link so you can find a time that works best for you

2) Meet with Dr. Emily and learn what your body is already telling you and how you can use that information to achieve your health and/or family planning goals - You’ll learn everything you need to know to track your cycles and together we’ll discover the root cause of your symptoms

3) Feel free and confident in yourself - You’ll be able to go back to your physician and have an informed discussion about what you want to do for your health and/or family planning

You deserve to be wholly the woman you were created to be. You deserve to know all your options. You deserve to know how your body was made to function and how you can work with your body to achieve your family planning and health goals.

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